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Rachel Cartwright (owner) knows a thing or two about hemp. Rachel grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She became well traveled living in Switzerland, Northern CA, and CO where she worked in medical cannabis markets. .

CBD Therapeutics of WI took off quickly and eventually Rachel needed an outlet to sell her product. On August 2, 2018, Landright's Botanical Healing Center would open. Since our opening over 2 years ago, CBD Therapeutics of WI products have been featured on Channel 4 and 58 news stations. We have recently added MKE CBD Full Spectrum CBD products to our line-up. MKE CBD, owned by Rachel's fiancé Mike Landeck, is also made in-house in our certified kitchen and contain the legal trace amount of THC providing you with the "Entourage Effect".

Landright’s Botanical Healing Center also offers what we call our Angel Program. The Angel Program is a sliding-scale option to help people afford CBD who are on a limited income. Please call the store for more information​.


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