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Boost your energy level, and stay active! Push past your limitations with our Active superfood and take on the day!

Active is an effective pre-workout from plants intended to provide long-lasting energy, complete hydration, and improved performance. It is the ideal fuel for any activity! Active is the simple and natural method to keep on the go longer with five patented components, three sources of natural caffeine, critical electrolytes, and more. In contrast, other similar products only give up to an hour of energy.

Green tea, Yerba mate, and green coffee beans are the three natural sources of caffeine in Our Active formula.

Enhanced coconut water with potassium. Increased VO2 max due to nitric oxide boost from beets and six natural adaptogens. For electrolytes and absorption of black pepper and Himalayan pink salt, Pomegranates are antioxidants and aid healing. Naturally sweetened with the great taste of Raspberry and coconut.

Here's how Active benefits your health-

1. Full hydration

2. Long-lasting energy

3. Accelerated recovery

4. Effective pre-workout

5. Improved performance

Active Pre-workout Formula

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